Rob Ward “First Responders Tour”

Fri, Jan 28, 2022
Sat, Jan 29, 2022

Rob Ward “First Responders Tour”

with Jasmyn Carter

Rob Ward has a knack for making people laugh. In 2010, he decided to pursue his passion in stand- up comedy at an open mic night. Rob became so popular with the crowd that he became the host after just three weeks. Since his 2010 debut, Rob’s success and recognition have continued to rise and right now, he’s one of the most booked comics from Cleveland, OH, and surrounding areas. Venues that Rob has performed at include but are not limited to: The Cleveland, Pittsburg, Kansas City, Denver and Columbus Improvs, and Hilarities. Rob’s recognition continues to grow in the world of comedy with appearances on the CW Network and Comedy Central Presents, Kevin Hart’s “Hart of the City.” Rob has toured with National Touring Headliner, Benji Brown on the “Pull up and Laugh,” tour, and theAlan Cox Tour and recently opened up for Martin Lawrence's "Lit AF Tour".

Rob is currently headlining his own Tour in honor of police, firefighters and EMS personnel called the "The First Responders Tour". On top of the success mentioned above, Rob was a winner at the world famous “Showtime at Apollo” in Harlem, NY, and was recently named “Comedian of the Year” in the Cleveland ComedyAwards. Rob credits his success to God, his loving wife and partner, his two beautiful daughters, his mom, and his amazing supporters.

Jasmyn Carter

Jasmyn Carter. YES! Funny woman, Jasmyn Carter! Jasmyn is a Junior Television Productions major at Kent State University, for all of y’all who don’t know her already. Along with attending KSU, she’s a well known local comedian on her way up. For almost 3 years Jasmyn has created 15 second videos on Instagram. With a strong fan base, including her 32.1 thousand Instagram followers, Ms. Carter is making a name for herself at just 20-years-old.

Jasmyn launched her standup comedy career at Euro Gyro, a bar and pizza joint in Downtown Kent, OH. Every Sunday night at 8:00pm, Jasmyn hits the stage at Euro Gyro for Open Mic Night.

When asked what intrigued her the most about stand up comedy, Jasmyn said “It’s an art form.” She then went into how she was fascinated how a person’s routine could make people cry of laughter in one room and totally bomb in the room next-door. Carter also prides herself in her work. She knows she has talent and is proud of it because of how difficult standup is. Doing videos and stand up gives Jasmyn “a balance.” She started performing because she felt like she was in “a box” with just 15 second videos online. Another push for Jasmyn to start stand up was her role on TV2, Kent States, student-ran, online television station. Her TV2 cast mates, along with other random people in the studio, saw something in her and really motivated her to take the leap into standup comedy. Her leap was well worth it; she’s approaching her three-month anniversary of performing live.

Jasmyn says how she really focuses on supporting women in comedy and breaking the stigma of women only talking about sex. “We’ve [women] been through a lot, we have more to say” says Jasmyn on why women shouldn’t focus so much on talking about men and sex in standup. She then went on to talk about how she feels like it was an obligation for her to do stand-up because not many women are doing stand up like her. The percentage of women comedians is only 10%.

Eulise Dickerson, female comedian, performing at Euro Gyro.

Tina Fey boiled down the men vs. women debate in 2011. She says that it’s not fair, or logical to say women aren’t funny because you’ve seen one woman bomb at doing standup. Saying that would be like, saying all men urinate in cups because Tina has seen a man urinate in a cup. Jasmyn wants to prove Tina right and show that women are funny.

One big thing on Jasmyn’s Instagram page are her alliances. Jasmyn is constantly sending or receiving support to and from other fellow comedians online. The community that she is apart of is amazing. Some of these people haven’t met each other, but they are so supportive of Jasmyn.

Yusuf Ali, friend of Jasmyn, performing at Euro Gyro.

She told me that a lot of her Instagram friends have a group message where they discuss shout outs on each others pages and other topics. The shout outs work as a form of advertisement. This group of people helped her get her foot in the door with videos. Jasmyn has also joined the community at Euro Gyro. The regulars at the bar respect each others routines and most of them know each other by name. Comedy is a communal form of art.

All in all, Jasmyn has made a name for herself, and continues to build that name. Instagram videos that lead to standup is how Jasmyn got her start and she hasn’t forgotten where she started.

She is rapidly becoming a true comedian by performing at new gig venues every month and building a huge support group. With new followers and performances every week, people are seeing just how funny Jasmyn Carter is.