Comedy Workshop

We teach a stand-up comedy workshop. If you have ever wanted to try stand-up comedy, this is the perfect place for you. This is a great class for aspiring comedians or anyone who would just like to improve their public speaking.

It is a six week class with a graduation performance on stage at our club in front of a live audience. You also get a DVD of your performance.

For $350, you get six classes where we will cover:

- the stage presence
- microphone technique
- finding your comedy voice
- writing exercises
- learning how to mine for comedy gold
- editing down to the funny
- learning the biz

Call us at 805-644-1500 to sign up for our comedy workshop!

"Do you love the exhilaration of performing and the rush that comes from making people laugh? How would you like to feel those emotions nightly? You can. If you ever thought you would like to be a stand up comedian, there is a class for you! Andres Fernandez will teach a six week course in comedy that will knock your socks off. With over thirty years of comedy experience, Andy knows what it takes to make it in this highly competitive field. He teaches in a way that is both supportive and inspiring. He will give you honest feedback and provide you with the skills that will help you succeed. You will learn stage presence, joke writing, timing, and how to string your random funny thoughts together into one coherent set. Within the first hour of class, you will be on stage practicing and laughing. You will be surprised by the amount of self-confidence you will gain as you bare your soul to all! If you are a budding comic and want to create the perfect audition set, or simply want all of your friends and family to come celebrate with you at your final taped performance; this is the class for you! It will change your life, just like it changed mine."

Erin Chenowith, Comedy Workshop Graduate '10